Postcards from Malaysia…a writer’s journey



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The past few months have found me researching, interviewing and penning. I’m involved in a book project which is endlessly engaging and challenging.

With a team of writers, photographers, a brilliant designer and project manager, we collaborate from various countries –yet happily rendezvous for some eventful on-location forays. It’s an interesting journey as I delve into the history and culture of a place that I am now very familiar with… Penang, Malaysia.

With trips of discovery and a recent getaway to Borneo, experiences gained and people befriended continue to make this the most rewarding of times.

Thankfully our home in Bangalore, India, is now ‘settled’ with the arrival of our shipment which most definitely took the ‘long way around.’ We have an eclectic mix of old and new, from here and there; Omani, Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Middle Eastern and Thai…and some wooden skis propped in the study to remind us of home.

The guest-rooms await a visit from our sons in the not too-distant future and our adopted family has grown by one. Preya joins us three times a week – her spicy South Indian food is scrumptious and help in the house is much appreciated as another month of work ensues. All is well in the neighbourhood; the monsoon rains are expected imminently, Munglora has procured a charming ancient scale for my new kitchen and without a doubt, the roof top yoga kept me sane.

A good friend commented that I was fortunate to have this ‘mountain to climb.’ Indeed it does feel like a wonderful, steep journey, one that I could not have imagined two years ago when I set out with my blog…it feels quite surreal yet natural at the same time.

So for the moment, just a few of my favourite images from the adventure thus far…many kind thoughts, Terry Anne














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  1. Hi Terry so glad to hear from you really enjoyed all the pictures your computer must be back to work.Will look forward to see some pictures of your home n ow with your touches .Hope to skype before you leave for Sweden .Love you

    • Thanks Carol, some days feel very much that way, but just finished six hours of editing so dreaming of some carefree traveling right about now! I hope you’ve settled well, look forward to chatting some time.x

      • Yes that would be good….and yes we have settled well just a problem with the rain and a leaking ceiling mmmm they have been out 4 times already and it looks to me like it’s fit to come down and that’s what I don’t want….I would love a competant roofer but not sure I am going to get one here 😦 xx

  2. Hi Terry ….. Love receiving your blogs! Lucky you to be able to travel to all these neat places. Have fun.

    • How nice to hear from you Lorelay and to know that I’ve inspired you, very special to hear that. I hope things are well for you in Brunei. It’s such a lovely area to be, I’m sure you’re having some wonderful times with your children in that area. I hope to tag along with Bruce again, so would love to stop in! Until then, Terry Anne

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